Aeron Branding


A short WordPress project, adding new pages, features and functionality.

Aeron Branding brought me onboard for a 2 day contract to lend a hand with updating their website. They wanted two brand new pages, and had some fun ideas to upgrade other pages of their site. I installed Isotope to help give their homepage a distinguishing feature to set it apart from their “Our Work” page, insert new carousels onto some pages and I helped them gain the ability to dynamically change the text on each slide of their carousels.

This website was built by another agency which presented an interesting challenge as their approach to building a WordPress site was very different to how I would have built it, but wanting to avoid the case of “this is the part they built, and this is the part that Chris built” element, I did my very best to replicate their coding conventions so if they were to continue working on it in the future, they could pick it up right where I left it.