Visit Scotland


A WordPress website built from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.

A custom tool was built to integrate EventBrite events into the website. The tool allows the user to create, edit, publish, unpublish and cancel events, create, edit and publish ticket types.

VisitScotland hired me for 3 months to build a website for a client of theirs called “Digital Tourism Scotland”.

Using WordPress, I built this site from the ground up using the “blankslate” theme. The biggest technological challenge was to integrate the site with the EventBrite API. There is a plugin for EventBrite, but it did not suit the clients needs, so I created my own tool using the vanilla EventBrite API. It dynamically loaded the events in real time, listing all events, individual event pages. The tool had the ability to create, update, and cancel events, as well as create tickets for said events.

In creating this website, attendance to these events increased by 69%.